Top Mobile Puzzle Games

Top Mobile Puzzle Games for 2013

One of the most popular genres of games on the market for mobile devices are of course the huge variety of puzzle based games that are now on offer to you. Each of these games offers a variety of brain stimulating and challenging puzzles for you to get your teeth stuck into whenever you wish to test yourself.

Due to this fact we have decided that we would review many of the best mobile puzzle games on offer to you and list below what we feel are the best of the bunch so you can now enjoy them like we do. The top game we found out of all that were available was the Puzzle Bobble Evolution game which is a revamped version of one of the most successful puzzle games of all time. This exceptionally good game sees players charged with using uniquely coloured balls to destroy balls within the same suit before they reach your platform which will cause game over. Players will need to aim the reticule to the section of the ever growing ball wall and match the colours to eliminate every ball of that colour that are touching each other.

This may sound like a simple task for many of you but I can honestly say that after the first few levels it becomes highly challenging indeed. The game makes use of simplistic graphics throughout but these graphics do their job perfectly and depict the game as well as it was seen on the arcade versions of the game.

The next game we found to be simply fantastic was Bejewelled Twist from PopCap games which were one of the most challenging of all the games we reviewed. Gamers will be required to again match up different coloured jewels in order to complete a huge variety of levels. The game has incredible graphics and really smooth running game play and you can see no expense has been spared in the creation of this title. We found the puzzles to be very hard indeed especially after the first few levels but it is just one of those games which once you start you can just not put down which is what we love to see with all our games. Puzzles games would not be the same without our next title as it was the pioneer of the genre and has been at the top of the tree for over two decades.

The game of course is Tetris which is very similar to the games above apart from the fact that instead of coloured balls and so on you will need to rotate and move various different shaped blocks into position as you attempt to fill lines. Each line you complete will make one level of the board disappear and you must try to keep up the pace as if your blocks build up and reach the top of the board then this will constitute game over for the player. The game has kept its graphics very simple as has always been the case but this does not off put you in any way as it makes absolutely no difference to the game as a whole.

The game is also very smooth running in regards of game play and offers you a wide variety of gaming features to enjoy.

The final puzzle based game we just had to fit into our list is none other than Tropical Towers which is a construction based puzzle game where players must attempt to solve a variety of puzzles in their attempt to build as many high flying towers as possible. The game is slightly difficult for many people as it requires a large amount of skill and finesse if you are to achieve any of the highest scores. The graphical content is great and really does make the game so much easier to play as everything is highly detailed and concise. The game plays very well also and offers you a huge number of challenges from start to finish which make it the brilliant game that it is.

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