Poker Terms for beginners

Poker terms.

There are a lot of phrases used in the game of poker, here are a few of the phrases used
and an explanation to their meaning.

The Poker Bluff.

The bluff has to be one of the most important and frustrating strategies in the game of
poker. You have to learn how act confident and bet well when you find yourself with a
really weak hand. If you don’t learn how to bluff well your opponents will bluff you out
of the game every time.

The Poker Face.

Developing a poker face will allow you to play your game without either, giving it away
if you have a good hand, or a bad hand to your opponents playing poker with you
around the table.

The Ante.

The Ante is the little starting bet everyone throws in to the middle of the table to give
the pot a basic start.

The All In.

When a player has come to the point where he doesn’t have enough money to cover
a raise, for instance, will call all in and his hand will cover the pot and the betting will
continue separately. If the all in hand wins it wins the pot it was covering and the betting
that took place after the all in goes to the winner of that battle.

The Blind.

The blind bet is a bet that takes place before the cards are dealt to each poker player, basically
a forced bet to improve the pot.

Buy In.

A buy in is the amount of money it will cost you to enter a poker tournament, either

During your game of poker you will come to the point where you have finished your
checking, raising and re-raising and its time for the showdown so you will have to call
your other players hands to see who has won. The call is normally the equivalent to the
very last amount of money bet by your opponent.

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