Free Poker Facts

Free Poker facts.

Did you know there are more than two and a half million different poker hands in the
52 standard deck of cards and with only four hands holding the top slot, they are royal
flushes in Hearts, Diamonds, Spades and Clubs.

Las Vegas has more than 130,000 hotel rooms and other various motel options that can
Accommodate more than 280,000 people at any one given time and at any given time
these hotels and motels are more than 90% to fully booked up 24 hours per day, 365
days a year.

In November 2009 the largest prize ever won at poker was won at the World Series
Online Poker tournament with the top prize coming in at more than 3.5 million dollars or
2.4 million pounds. More than 2 million people play poker online every day for real cash around the world and it is believed to be rising by more than 100,000 new people every month.

The most money ever to be lost in a single hand of poker at a live cash tournament was more than 350,000 dollars in 2007. The greatest win ever recorded online was in 2009 when a Dutch player won £2.3 millionin a single hand winning the hand with a royal flush .