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Whats the best Casino experience? We believe we have found the answer.

Heres an example of a recent email we recieved from one of our readers.

Tom – UK

Heres some advice for Crazy Casino

The only time a player should take a card from the discard pile is when they are positive they are going to be using that card in a spread. It is always said by professionals that unless you are going to use the card immediately then you should not take from the discard pile. The main reason for this is the fact that if you draw from the discard pile the oppositions can see what cards you are looking for, but if drawn from the main pile they cannot. To have a better running chance of winning at this game a player should aim for getting threes and fours of the same card. if a player is going for a straight and they have the seven and nine then it is the worst position to be in as it halves your odds, as another person could be trying for an over lapping straight.

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